Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week in Links 08/10/11

Its been a while since I posted a week in Links as I have been religiously studying Paleo/ Primal principles (I'm a bit of a trainspotter that way) So I thought you might get a little bored if that was all I shared, here's a few interesting ones I came across this week, I hope you enjoy

A great article on celiac disease and the Paleo Diet

The Marshmallow test, torture or science? You be the judge

Can Garlic help you lose Body fat?  It would be a lot cheaper compared to the over the counter quick fixes sold at the Pharmacy albeit a little smellier

How to Grow immense Pumpkins come on, you know you want to find out ;)

Possibly the most expensive Biscuit in the world? Holy cow, that really takes the...well you know.....

Pregnant Women who exercise protect their offspring from neurodegenerative diseases, Study Suggest. Did you train while you were pregnant?

Ireland to Ban Genetically Modified Crops, Go Ireland!

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