Friday, October 28, 2011

Week in Links 02/12

My New PJs, too cute not to share ;)

This Personal Trainer is making himself fat and unhealthy on purpose to feel what its like and then to get fit again, interesting approach. I will be especially interested to see how quickly his body reverses

Get Drunk, Eat Cheese Burgers and Still get Fit? The Drunk Diet has it all....right, tho I'd be tempted to read purely for entertainment value!

As I learn more about the Paleo/ Primal way of eating I come across wonderful information like THIS
explaining why we would do better eating full fat dairy. As someone who had followed a low fat diet for years I am constantly amazed at the improvements in my health by making the change,  pass the cream would you?

Like Margaritas? Worried they will mess up your goals? Worry no more (well as long as you only have one or two.....)  try this easy Nor cal Margarita recipe from Practical Paleolithic, yummy!

I am a fan of Winged Eyeliner so I tend to go through a fair bit of eye makeup remover but after finding this recipe for DIY Makeup Remover I will happily be able to add this to the list of home made chemical free products I use, hope you enjoy.

Proving that you should not want to look like celebrities or models portrayed on the covers of magazines have a look at this link showing the beautiful Faith Hill before and after Photo shop (In case you missed it on Face book) I would be seriously pissed off if someone changed my face that much and don't get me started on those "after" stick arms, not cool!

And if you want more proof I have to say, the George Clooney surprised me, I don't know why I thought maybe men got away with it? seems not!

What's your Body Type? perfectly explained and no holds barred, like Only Pauline Nordin can do. :)

Dead lift Differences, An excellent explanation of the difference between Conventional and Sumo Dead lifts.

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