Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week in Links 2/9

Great article about how to progress to Pistol Squats, a very hard exercise for most to master, but if like most things you break it down into smaller pieces first, Voila! you are smashing it woo!

I think everyone remembers the article posted not long ago about the 1 year old Macca's Happy Meal that was still intact, can you imagine what 15 year old frosted cupcakes look like? lucky for you you don't have to check these out!

Also this video is a a really good explanation of Paleo, how easy can it get? you don't even have to read just press play ;)
And if you have a few more minutes
Paleo in a Nutshell Part 2 Exercise

Could you eat meat grown in a test tube? It might not be that far away

If you needed another reason to pump some Iron, check out this mother and daughter, Mum is in her 70's, she is in better shape than most 20 somethings and can prove it too, check out the video

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