Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week in Links 8/8

Happy Monday All, heres something to brighten your morning

12 Super Simple DIY Beauty tips for you

The three step approach to Detox or as Poliquin calls it taking out the garbage a great way to explain and understand how to effectively detox the body without stressing it

Flylady will help you get organised in your house so you can't use the "I don't have enough time" excuse anymore for not exercising. My home has never been as clean, organised or clutter free since following her baby steps and it feels like I do less house work, Brilliant!

Colon Cleansing might not be the best idea, apparently they needed a study to figure that pearler out....

With the loss of Amy Winehouse, makes you wonder why some people survive Addiction and others don't fare as well

First 30 days has Inspiration and expert advise for any change in life that might come your way, clever sods

An Inside look at Coconuts, looking for an excuse to add them to your diet? Look no more

Does this picture make you uncomfortable? What Sort of boy Image do you strive for or try to maintain? Is this it?

Breaking Break Everywhere, Plentiful or pitiful?. Snapshots of people with their daily food intake from all corners of the world, we all have to eat

The Ultimate guide to making your period suck less

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