Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week in Links 25/08

The lovely Shona sent me this one to share its the Lazy Chef's guide to healthy cooking, Thanks Shons, there are some great ideas in there, except I have never heard of left over wine? what is this?

We have slowly been making the transition to a Primal diet in our household and I came across this article about Primal pregnancy, I had a wonderful pregnancy with no cravings or bloating (almost) now I am more sure that this is to do with Diet, If you are not planning on pregnancy but suffer terribly when Aunt Flo visits? There is information there for you too

Kitchen Cures for 10 types of pain, I don't like to pop a pill every time something hurts, these are some great natural remedies that you will have in the house

Susanne Eman is striving to be the worlds largest woman eating 20,000 calories a Day, pretty scary stuff, the interview with her children got me a little choked up.

My Mum sent me this one, its Obesity Statistics by Country, where are your country men on the list? you might be surprised.

24 Top tips for inner city bike Buying and riding, if you have ever thought of riding to work or already do here are some tips you might find useful

7 Louise Hay insights, if you don't know who Louise Hay is, have a little read, she is 85 years old and cured herself of cancer among other things, I listen to her affirmations almost nightly, I especially love Number 4, seeing people as the children they used to be makes dealing with them so much more pleasurable

This is not really on topic, but I will want to revisit this again and again a list of common misconceptions in history pretty interesting stuff

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