Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Do you know you are getting enough Veggies Daily?

Veggie, Tuna & Miracle Rice

I set a mini goal for myself recently to see if I could double the amount of veggies I was eating on a daily basis. I am a firm believer that to fill yourself up you need lots of good complex carbs, enter veggies no one on this planet (I am almost certain...) ever blamed their weight gain on vegetables and better than this veggies are like a vitamin pill and in-house cleaning system for your body, making sure no nasties can hang around long enough to do any damage
a Side of Balsamic Honey Mustard Veggies 

So the question becomes how much should you be eating? the old adage of 3 serves of vegetables and 2 of fruit is probably sufficient if you are just plodding along, but what if you are currently under refurbishment? you are at the gym before everyone wakes or while baba is having her morning snooze, you are walking to the shops you are doing an abs butt and thigh class, well you get the picture all this tearing down and rebuilding needs good raw materials to build a harder, stronger, faster body. The answer is the Sky's the limit! go for broke, if you are having a bowl of veggies grab a mixing bowl and fill it up! if you are having a salad bowl use the salad bowl, granted you are going to get some strange glances and remarks but hey! you will be full to the brim and less likely to make bad food choices when your blood sugar drops. And there is something very rewarding about sitting down and having the hugest serving of food in front of you without any negative feelings attached. its healthy, its tasty and its yours! all yours! So go grab the biggest bowl you own and start chopping. Let me know if you would like me to post the recipes for the pictured bowls these have been a few lunches I have had this week
Penang Curry Tuna veggies and Miracle rice

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