Thursday, July 21, 2011

22/07 Week in Links

Pass the Banana, Information as to why fruit is still a valuable part of your diet when you are trying to lose weight

Don't be a victim of your generation, you can succeed at any age and coming from any back ground Ernestine Shepard is in Guinness Book of Records as the Oldest Body Builder in the world

French Fries flavoured Lip balm? A healthier way to indulge? Hmm OK...

Among Youths Secondhand smoke has been linked to hearing loss

The chore wars are over? Hmm sometimes I wonder..

heat-related-illnesses How to treat and avoid them. Its about as cold as it gets here at the moment so this post almost seems like wishful thinking, I never thought I would feel so cold at 20C whoops!

Good Reads  is my favourite place to find my next book, its full of reviews from real people and you can keep a list of books you have read and share it with your friends also seeing what they have read

Everything you need to know about the Benefits of Bcca's

Nutrition Vocabulary defined if you were wondering

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