Thursday, July 14, 2011

15/07 Week in Links

Happy Friday Everyone! I actually was awake about an hour before I realised it was the weekend, imagine my surprise! It was wonderful. Here are some links for you to make this rainy Friday slip by a little quicker

I have started making my own yogurt at home, my mum gave me the idea (she is so clever) here is the system we are both using. My baby is a huge fan of yogurt and I like that I can give her this knowing exactly what went into it
Here's Some I prepared earlier ;)

Some real nice eye candy...and some tips about planing ahead with meals

Ever thought about having you veggies Delivered? Buy from here and you will be supporting your local farmer, your food will be fresher and your carbon foot print a little lighter, whats not to love?

You don't even want to know whats in cool Whip Do you have any of this in your fridge?

How Search Engines are changing the way our memory works and who knew Al Capone was a furniture dealer ;)

Fantastic information about your blood type and how it has an impact on so much more than you will realise, I am a Type A and can relate to so much of the information, especially the "gone to the bunker" part, what blood type are you? Did you see any similarities?

Can Milk relieve the symptoms of PMS? I also really enjoyed the Everything I do is wrong Site

You Beauty! The Science behind your beauty

Veggie Vending Machines! What a great Idea

I often dream of a paper free house, especially around this time of year... Dump your printer and escape the madness!

The Note Book Doodles are pretty and inspiring

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