Thursday, June 23, 2011

A week in Links 24/06

What are your thoughts on GM food? Government says GM wheat products will be on our shelves 2015

your Dog is watching you hope you're doing nothing rude.....

Whole foods Parking Lot, pure Gas... this is my farovite link for the week

Michelle Bridges has a Personal Trainer Proves everyone is always learning

There is nothing like free Range eggs, I have always wanted to have my own chickens Marks daily Apple gives you some pointers to get started

After reading about the Dirty Dozen last week I have been a bit more enthusiastic about cleaning my veggies before use, you dont need to use those expensive washes you see at the shops try One of these
as a cheaper and healthier option

More proof its not just how much you eat but what you eat that matter, Hold the Chips!

They have done more studies into Static Stretching Before Exercise If you have ever trained with me you will know I recommend Dynamic stretches before a workout and Static after 

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