Thursday, June 30, 2011

a week in links 01/07

the Daily motivator incase you needed reminding how awesome you really are

Because you can't be good all of the time  the Cherry Caipirissima is on my hit list!

Ever wondered why you should Choose Organic Food, here's why

And if you live in Perth you can have the freshest Organic Produced delivered right to your door! Have a look

Something I never Considered was the beauty products I used and what was in them Here's some good info

Isn't it time we started listening to Doctors and stopped listening to Clowns? What do you think?

What foods do Nutritionists avoid? Some Of these surprised me

When I finish Dry July I might treat myself to a few of these Water Melon Martinis you know Martini by Name Martini by nature ;)

There you go, if you found anything you think I would like please share!

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