Monday, May 9, 2011

Something a Little Different

As we do every morning on Mothers Day My Mum and I were going for a walk around our neighbourhood with Baby in the pram. Its a great way to catch up on the family gossip (there usually a lot haha) and get some fresh air and exercise
Then something caught our eye perched on a bus stop was what looked like a little gift, we weren't sure what to do first, thinking maybe someone had forgotten it as they hopped on the bus rushing off somewhere else

 Pic Borrowed from Sow.give.grow

Then we noticed a little tag explaining it was for whoever found it, that was us! It was all very exciting and there was lot of giggling and looking around to see if someone was going to jump out from behind a bush and tell us off for taking it.

There was a blog address attached also so when mum got home she planted up her lovely little surprise rocket seedling and checked out the blog page. The idea is when you are planting up some seeds, there are so many in those packets, why not plant up a few extra and share with strangers who will come across them on their travels, take them home and grow using them to cook yummy meals (like the ones I share with you!)  they even show you how to make your own little newspaper seedling pots (that are just so sweet!)
We will have to add a few different routes to our morning walk so we can take part and share our own seedlings. I thought this was such a nice idea that anyone could take part in that I had to share it with you Go and check it out, its a great initiative

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