Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rome wasn't Built in a Day Salad

Everyone love Caesar salad, but its actually really heavy on Calories, So I thought I'd have a play around and see if I could get most of the flavours and textures of this yummy salad but with out "bad" parts
OK here goes this is what you will need;
The Chicken I used

1/2 head Lettuce
1/2 Smoked Chicken breast chopped
1 Tomato cut into Wedges
1/2 Red Capsicum Chopped
1 Carrot Chopped
2 or 3 Anchovies
1/2 Mountain bread Slice
1 Dollop of fat free Caesar dressing or similar

Tear up the lettuce leaves and pop in a big bowl
top with the other veggies
place the mountain bread under a grill and toast lightly
break into bite sized pieces and these to the salad
top with the dressing and anchovies
dig in
topped with lovely crunchy mountain bread

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