Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peri Peri Chicken Noodles

If you are in a hurry to make lunch this meal is perfect, takes about 5 Min's flat. Its Full of veggies and the peri peri really packs a punch so there's no shortage of flavour.
I am currently trying to double my intake of vegetables everyday hence the large amounts, but feel free to adjust to your liking, but my theory is no one ever got fat eating veggies and they have so many benefits to your body and will help you stay full between meals and stop snacking, so I say fill that plate up! Maybe even get a bigger plate?
Heres what you will need;

3-4 Cups Veggies Chopped
1/2 Cooked Chicken Breast (I bought a beautiful marinated Peri Peri breast from the deli, but you could marinade it over night yourself and have ready to go, this is what I plan do do next time, much cheaper :)
1 Pack Miracle noodles (Brown Rice/ Quiona would also work well)
1 Tbsp Nando Garlic PeriPeri Sauce (or Similar)
1 tsp water
its important to drain all the water from Miracle noodles

Pop your chopped Veggies in a steamer cook until tender
Drain the miracle noodles, rinse them, dry them and pop in a pot of boiled water for 1 min
remove from the heat, pop them back into the colander to drain and rest on top of a dry cloth take the rest of the water, tossing them a couple of times to make sure you have it all
Pop the veggies into a big bowl together with the noodles and chicken
stir thru the sauce and enjoy

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