Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day Family feast

OK this is a little late, but better late than never as they say. Sometimes it can be hard to convince your family to join you when you make the change towards a healthier lifestyle. Group meals when all the family gets together can be a disaster for the waist line when everyone brings a plate (think Pasta Bake, Lasagna, Potatoes, Cold slaw....)

But by leading by example your family will grow to love the new meals you are surprising them with and may even wow you with a few of their own that you then get to steal no guilt at all, they will probably be delighted actually!
Ingredients for Cauliflower Rice

I spent my first Mothers day with my Mum, Dad and Sister. When we get together be it for a birthday, Christmas, what have you everyone gets delegated a job. My sister generally does starter or snacks, Mum does the mains (she has a gift at seemingly pulling a fabulous meal out of thin air) I do desserts and dads on clean up detail. Of course my poor Mum always seems to have the lions share but we help with as much of the preparation as we can and there is usually such a lot of giggles, chatter and champagne in the kitchen that it hardly feels like work at all.
Fun times in the kitchen with mum

On the menu for Mothers Day was;
Roast Chicken done in my dads Pizza oven outside (the smell was divine!)
Roasted Sweet Potato
Steamed Vegetables
Cauliflower Coconut Rice
and a Cheeky Bottle of Bubbles

I Made a Lemon Meringue for Dessert which  I cleaned up as much as I could but it is Meringue after all My lemon tree in the garden is bursting with fruit and it was Mothers Day so we decided we deserved a little naughty but nice treat

I even made the pastry myself, which was a first and it was easier than I thought, but you could just as easily use low-fat pre-made pastry
What do you call this mum? its LUSH!

1 Cup Plain Flour
1/4 Cup Caster Sugar
175gm Butter cubed
Lemon Curd
3 Egg Yolks
1 Can Low fat Sweetened Condensed Milk
Zest of one lemon
1/4 Cup of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
3 Egg Whites
1/2 Cup Sugar
Mum and dad serving up

For the pastry
Blend the flour, sugar and butter in a blender until it forms coarse breadcrumb like mixture add 2tbsp Ice cold water blend until it binds. Take out of blender, kneed a little, shape into a disk cover with cling film and pop in the fridge for about and hour.
(if you don't have a blender just rub the butter into the dry mixture with your finger tips)
Roll pastry out on a floured surface to about 5mm thick ad pop in a pop bottom tin that you have lined and greased, pop back in the fridge for about 20 min
Place pastry in a preheated 200C oven topped with more baking paper and some dry rice to weight it down cook for about 20 Min's remove and discard rice and paper cook pasty for another few Minos or until starting to turn golden brown leave to one side to cool.
baby's Dinner, Yes she ate it all!

For the lemon Curd
In a bowl combine the condensed milk, sugar, lemon juice, zest and egg yolks stir until well combined, set aside

For the meringue
Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks (about 10 Min's) then gradually add the sugar beating until smooth, shiny and stiff peaks are forming again
pour the lemon curd mixture into the pastry shell, top with the Meringue and bake in the oven until the peaks of your lovely gooey meringue start to brown. You can also place the curd in first bake it for 10min and then top with the meringue and brown under a grill depending on how you like it.
It turned out on the day that I was the only real fan of lemon pie, but all said they loved it and wanted it added to the Christmas and fake Christmas menus which we plan all year! So I shall take that as success!
Bubby and I

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