Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chilli Miracle Noodles

When I first discovered Miracle noodle or Shirataki noodles, I was blown away, noodles with 0 calories? couldn't be true. But it is and when I can get them they play a big part of my diet. It is now a lot easier to get them in Australia direct from the company, 20 pack will set you back USD49 (AUD46) plus you can get an extra 10% off by entering the code 767 at the checkout (I was bummed to only just find this out after ordering 40 pack doh!) Anyways enough of that if you don't have miracle noodles you can sway them out for Brown rice or Quiona for this recipe. What you'll need;

1 Pack of Miracle Noodles
1 Can Chilli flavoured chicken
1 80g tin Kidney Beans
Spring onion chopped

Now one thing you cannot miss when cooking Miracle noodles is the preparation, when you open the bag they stink, you will need to rinse them in a colander and then lightly boil for 1 min drain and dry again. I just drain the water off in a colander and pop it top of a dry cloth to let the excess drain away.
Pop them in a bowl and mix with the other ingredients
this is so simple, but just so delicious

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