Monday, May 16, 2011

Balsamic Chicken Kebabs with Quiona Salad

Quinoa is one of those foods you have probably heard a little about, touted under the heading "Super food" You probably thought, yeah right and went about your day not knowing how to add it to your diet. But it is an amazing food which you prepare just as you would rice (make sure and rinse it first tho) It is a complete protein which no other foods other than meats can lay claim too, so is a great option for vegetarians. It has a lovely (flavour almost nutty?)
So if you are trying to cut down on your starchy Carbohydrates Quinoa may be the answer
here's a good link for more detailed information if you are interested

Quinoa Information

For the Chicken Kebabs
500g chicken chopped into bite sized pieces
Cherry Tomatoes
2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

For the Quinoa Salad
1 Cup of Dry Quiona
2 Cups water
2 Cups of veggies steamed (I used Broccoli and Sweet Potato)
1 Orange Juiced and zested
2 Tbsp White wine vinegar
Chopped herbs (I used rosemary)
Cracked Pepper

Mix the Balsamic and Brown sugar until the sugar dissolves, pour over the chicken that you have threaded onto skewers, pop on a plate covered in the fridge for about an hour, turning the chicken a couple of times
Cooking Quiona the same way you would rice
Steam the veggies
Mix the orange Juice, zest, white wine vinegar and herbs
combine the Quinoa, veggies pour over the dressing and season with cracked pepper
Add the Chicken to a pan (or cook on the BBQ) browning on all sides
Serve with the Quinoa salad

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