Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dry Brushing

Nice firm Bristles for a nice firm Butt

Its getting to my favorite part of the Biggest loser, the end where you can see all the hard work the contestants have put in, But with all this super fast weight loss one thing I always notice they have in common is that they have lots of loose skin. This is because your skin is not as fast at firming up as fat is at disappearing which is one of the reasons that you have probably heard countless times to do a slow steady approach, Of course The Biggest Loser is a TV show and if you had to wait around for months on end to see them get results you would probably lose interest and move on.
Dry Brushing is a great way at helping your skin keep up and stay clear, healthy and firm. When I was pregnant I like most women feared the dreaded stretchmarks caused by by body moving to accommodate my little ones growth, so as the trainspotter I am I started to research relentlessly!
Dry brushing became a part of my daily routine and still is. Its quick, easy and the benefits are many;

It helps the skin unplug the pores
removes ingrown hairs
increases the ability to absorb nutrients
increases circulation and polishes
getting rid of that top lair of dead skin and allows the skin to breathe and do its wonderful job of ridding the body of toxins better.
Fat Deposits will be distributed better
nerve endings will be given a boost and muscle tone will be improved.

You  get a lot out for very little effort, that's what we need!
So how do you do it and what will you need? Well you probably have everything laying around your bathroom already. I like to use a long stemmed brush (you can pick these up for a few dollars in the grocery store if need be)
A long handle make it easy to get those hard to reach areas

Start with dry skin, just before you hop in the shower works great
Begin with your feet lightly brushing (never scrubbing, your skin is very delicate) brush up your legs in long sweeping motions
When you get to your bum use circular motions, the same on your tummy. then your arms working from the fingertips working back to the chest. The idea is to help everything back to the heart and Lymphatic system ready to be processed. Then when you are done hop into the shower to remove any cell build up from the skins surface, keeping the water warm but not hot. When you are finished pat your skin dry and apply a nice layer of moisturiser. It shouldn't take More than a few minutes and as you can see the benefits are so many its a Worthy addition.

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